How can Udemy offer courses so cheaply?


Seeing one of the biggest elearning platforms out there selling courses dirt cheap it begs to question how one manages such an enterprise. This article aims to address just that.

Udemy operates on a model very similar to MooCs (massive open online courses).

Having its roots also in Stanford, Udemy actually took a slightly different route by going completely for profit. Unlike MooCs, here you don’t audit courses and the content curation does not have a strictly academic flavor.

Instead, Udemy curates and creates content using SME’s (subject matter experts) in the market.

Learning Model:

Another very vital thing to note is Udemy works on self paced learning model, which means the content is created prior and with no particular audience in mind (except the ones actually attending it in real time in some cases)

The advantage here is by marketing the product well and providing a course certificate to purchase online, Udemy is able to play the volume game well and manage a very healthy profit margin on its courses.

Where it fits and where it does not:

Udemy like all MooCs is a great opportunity to get a basic handle on the content. It fails though in application based learning, and training.

This is again because of the mass/volume based consumption model. In case of application based learning driven by end goals like career changes, upgrades, landing a dream job etc. its best to find a instructor based learning model.

Instructor led training:

Instructor based learning is still online but is done in real time with an instructor handling the course. The content delivery is classroom based with lots of hands on through virtual tools but you have the luxury of taking it from your house. Another benefit is that these courses usually are tailored to your skill level and ability making it a very smooth and structured way to learn. If you want to learn more on Instructor led training, read our full fledged article on it:

Also we’ll have to explain the other side of the coin on why certain premium training institutes like Instructor-Led Courses (For ANSI) , eAge Technologies – Creating better people (for IT) , Free Demo for LIVE Online instructor led Digital Marketing Course (For digital marketing, SEO, SMM etc.) charge more for their courses.

These companies provide instructor led training programs and are driven largely towards not just content but also up skilling of the individual. Focused towards industry, such a training program invariably is more expensive than a mass based model but given the relevance of the course, the accountability the trainer shares in your end goal and most importantly content customized to you ability and goal this is a good bet if you are driven towards an end goal.

Finally to sum up, Udemy works on a business model to provide useful fundamentals to the masses. The focus is to provide content for consumption and a business model is forked around the same. It along with various other MooCs have done a splendid job of providing useful information to consumers and enthusiasts who can peruse self paced learning and resources and benefit from choices running across topics and industries. But when focused and serious learning is the objective a more niche and focused player is always recommended.

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