Top 5 things Hiring Managers/Recruiters look for in a Resume


Most of the Hiring managers and Recruiters do not spend time on perusing through your Resume.  In fact, they spend less than a minute to screen your Resume. In other words you have got less than a minute to sell yourself. They may spend more time if they get what they are looking for in that initial minute.

Here are the Top 5 things that you should include in your Resume

Key Skills / Buzz Words:

Almost all the Hiring Managers/Recruiters look for Key skills or Buzz words at first. So it would be better if you include these things in your Resume (only if you have experience/worked on them). 

Description/ Work done on Key Skills:

More often, we see a lot of resumes just providing alphabet soup buzzwords with no context, no specific interest and no indication of deeper expertise. A real selling resume should have very clearly explaining the work done on these key skills. Keep your body of work clear and transparent.

Project Descriptions

Clearly mention the Project name, Scope, Team Size and actual role. Many a time recruiters spend hours perusing through copied/fraudulent profiles. Many a time applicants tend to share redundant or generalized designations hardly matching the project/core area of expertise recruiters are searching for. This is bad branding as word spreads quicker over such applicants in the industry than you think.

Areas of Expertise / Interests:

This is the most important selling point on your Resume. Hiring Managers and Recruiters look for ingrained expertise particular to the project needs. Clearly mention what skills you are very good at and what skills you would want to work on in your upcoming projects.


Chronological resumes are always a recruiters delight. Most recent experience and key relevant skill sets are usually the highlights we would search. Also as a best practice if you clearly specify the duration, work location, designation and project screening process for your resume significantly increases.

Finally we would end with a quote that finds its way here to sum up this little piece

“Your Resume is your Face, keep it very clean and presentable”

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