Best HR Practices to recruit top talent


Part one:

Selection in recruiting:

The most critical aspect of analyzing and selecting the right candidate depends on the process we apply in any organization. This holds a very important aspect in persuading the right employee to join us and be successful in his career growth path and contribute towards inclusive growth of the company.

  • Assessment of a candidate: There are different ways to assess any candidate, to ensure they are a good fit for the company, both as performers and individually fitting the work culture of the organization. Each position and company has its own learning curve and cultural fitment. The best practices followed and prescribed by an organization provide a holistic learning path to compliment this choice. It also dictates long term commitment from any prospective employee and his value addition.
  • Advertising a job opening in the right way: creating the right Job description helps the candidate and recruiter to remain on the same page and hence get the exact fit. This accelerates the closure of said vacant position ensuring better alignment to business goals and value addition from the role. If an organization wants to attract top talent and high performers they should list the various skills they look for in detail and mention a reason to seek out their organization over another. Similar to sales the USP matters and needs to align with the need of the applicant.
  • About the organization: Most important details should have information about the recruiting organization, what technology is in use, the kind of products, mission/vision and more (the mission/vision attracts a large audience in seeing the big picture and where the organization is heading further)
  • Selection process: Finalize a robust interview panel who are clearly aware of the position, required qualification, precise job description and functional/technical facets to be fulfilled to realize the project. One should ensure the interview panel has brainstormed prior to the interview and have taken a 3600 preview from other relevant stakeholders.
  • Quality over quantity/closure: Be selective on your hiring front. The best people need to be recruited. Those who will be provide greater contribution and add greater value to the organization are necessary. Employee referrals also work here as this will also boost the moral of the existing and the new employee.  Familiarity works wonders if the productivity and potential to deliver exists.

This sums up the first installment of this Series. Stay tuned for more to come from eAge’s HR team.

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