Which are the most sought after programming languages by companies in 2019?


We recently came across an article from Paul Petrone on the skills most needed in 2019. This article gives valuable insight across skills (IT and non IT) most relevant in 2019.

Given our expertise in technology, we wanted to provide insights on technologies alone that can influence this year more than anything. As an extension of this article, here are the 5 most sought after programming languages in 2019:


Given its usage and conformance in the last couple of decades, Java is going strong and will continue to do so this year too. Backward compatibility, ease of use and abundance of programmers well versed in this language makes it extremely sought out and adopted by companies.


Okay, a low level language being on this list is surprising. But if you see the importance of C, you can understand why its ranked just behind Java. Systems and platforms all swear by C language. Given the way emerging technologies adopt a blend of hardware and software its clear why C language will always have a market and demand to cater.


The flavor of 2018 runs on in 2019. Without losing steam, python seems to be the buzz across application level programming needs. Given the vast majority of service and product based startups expect python to soar on mightily.


C++ being a higher level language with objects and classes is now widely used across embedded systems. C++ solely possesses the flexibility of system interaction like C language interspersed with application usage like higher level languages. Definitely a useful skill/language to learn.

Visual basic .NET

Given that Microsoft is the Disney of IT industry, its influence is great and encompassing. VB .Net and Visual studio make for the ideal environment to get things done in Microsoft’s eco system. Given Microsoft’s reach dare I say VB .Net will remain a sought after skill set?  It will, It surely will!.

This sums up our list for 5 most sought after programming skills in 2019. Do check Tiobe’s Index to get the complete index of programming languages for this year.

As a follow up to this article we will be sharing the best resources (free and paid) that can be used to accelerate the learning curve for all these programming languages.

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