If you were my personal mentor, how will you improve my programming skills?


I have never considered myself skilled enough to partake in teaching programming to others, but I can take a leaf out of eAge Technologies – Creating better people’s approach to the same.

I love the way they approach technology related training and courses.

Being market leaders in corporate IT training with clients including Intel, Juniper, Arris and such, these guys have Trainers that also teach programmers and developers across the industry.

This provides much sought after and required credibility to the course. So the first step is getting the right trainers

Coming to the course itself, eAge Technologies – Creating better people follow what you can call an instructor led training program.

This means the course is led by an instructor in real time but gives you the benefit of taking the course online at your convenience.

Unlike a self paced course where you have pre-recorded videos which you consume and buy a certificate, here you get accountability of the course being conducted from the trainers end. This shared responsibility ensures the trainer helps you to his best of powers in reaching and realizing your goal. So Step Two is getting the mode of instruction right

The course also happens to be customized and scheduled. This means the course content will be tailored to your needs and expectations.

They achieve this via pre-induction calls which are done prior to enrollment. This I feel is very important and wish other training institutes also imbibed.

These calls are free of cost and are done to ensure the trainer/mentor and the aspirant are able to align the course to suit the skill level and end goal/result the aspirant desires from the course.

So Step Three is genuinely participating in understanding the aspirants needs and not trying to sell a course at any cost to him/her.

Another hallmark of such training institutes is their emphasis on Hands-on. Technology is application driven and no matter how much of theory is learnt invariably the industry prefers only those that can demonstrate their skill set in real time.

With custom virtual boxes, challenges and IDE environments, this is achieved making the course worthwhile and effective.

So Step Four becomes never compromise on hands on and application, its a pre-requisite for IT as an industry

Post course they share enough material to upgrade on the regular and provide access to blogs, eBooks etc. using which one can always update ones knowledge which is very important.

Much like buying a car, post purchase service is vital in training courses also as this adds a lifetime value for the aspirant.

So Step Five is to ensure support in post training up-skilling and to view the aspirant much more than a one time transaction.

There are a few training institutes that put such thought into their training programs and though rare they alone can add value to your course and are serious about your takeaway.

With this I can sum up how best a structured course can be handled. Following the above best practices should in my opinion be a good idea to complete your learning curve quickly, especially in a core skill like programming.

All the best and cheers!

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