Microsoft WPF and WCF

Microsoft WPF and WCF


The training program is to facilitate on the new Microsoft Windows Application development technology called WPF which is the next generation Windows Application development. It will allow to develop Rich User interfaces and high performance based application. Its Data Binding feature will help in developing user interfaces with rich User experience.

WCF is used for developing Services for consumers on multiple platforms including web, desktop and Open source. We will also go thro Web API a new framework for developing REST services.

Software Requirements:

  • Windows 10 OS.
  • Visual Studio 2015 or later.
  • SQL server 2012 or later.
  • MS office and Acrobat reader (For Documents sharing)

Security Considerations for setups:

  • Admin Rights to open Visual Studio as Administrator.
  • Rights to create and consume databases in SQL server.
  • All machines should be networked in a same domain to show distributed computing demos.

The Course Outline:

Day 1:

  • Develop WPF Application
  • What is WPF and its Scope in the App development
  • Architecture of WPF
  • Application object
  • Window object
  • Panels and Controls in Window objects
  • Walkthrough on various Panels of WPF
  • Programming XAML
  • Understanding WPF controls
  • Understanding WPF control class
  • Categorizing WPF control and understanding how each different category works
  • Digging deep into content controls, item controls, range controls and text controls
  • Resources.
  • Object Resources vs. Assembly resources.
  • Static vs. Dynamic.
  • Loading Resources thro Code.
  • Styles for common look and feel in WPF.
  • Triggers.: Property Triggers vs. Data Triggers.
  • Data Binding features of WPF

Day 2

  • Creating Custom Controls
  • User controls
  • Control Templates
  • Item Templates
  • ICommand Interface
  • Commands vs Events(Deep into Command Pattern)
  • Asynchronous Threads in WPF
  • Dispatcher Class

Day 3

  • ADO.NET Intro
  • LINQ to SQL Classes
  • Entity Framework
  • Intro to MVVM
  • Understanding MVVM Component
  • Creation of MVVM based WPF Application
  • Dependency Injection and IoC
  • MEF vs. Unity
  • Intro to PRISM 5.0
  • BootStrapper
  • ModuleCatelog and Modules in PRISM.
  • Shell

Day 4:

  • WCF Programming.
  • Service oriented Architecture
  • Distributed Computing.
  • .NET Remoting vs. Web Services.
  • WCF Contracts
  • Creating a WCF service thro HTTP
  • Creating a WCF service thro TCP.
  • Consuming a WCF Component in WPF Application.
  • Creating a REST using WCF Technology.
  • Consuming the REST API using WPF Application.

Day 5:

  • Web API.
  • Web API Architecture.
  • Creating a Web API Service.
  • Routing features of new Web API
  • Consuming Web API using jQuery Library in HTML5 Page.
  • Brief on jQuery for beginners. (If Required).