Software Estimation

Software Estimation with FPA

Workshop Overview

Software systems are becoming increasingly difficult to measure and understand. As they increase in complexity, there needs to be an efficient method that can be used to understand and communicate software size needs.

Estimation plays a crucial role in project planning. It determines the difference between success and failure of a project to a large extent. Poor estimation leading to project disaster is now a bygone conclusion. Estimating size and effort is a Herculean task. This course is designed to address Function Point Counting technique with hands-on exercises for effective application in real world.

The Function Point Index helps to evaluate and measure a development project, which helps in the optimization, planning, and effective management of software production.
Function Points quantify software functions in meaningful terms, and can be readily applied across diverse development environments. Accurate evaluations using FPA can help IT teams in moving toward best practices in the management of software products. By optimizing processes, timely deliveries of higher quality can be ensured.

Workshop Objectives:

The workshop provides participants with an enhanced understanding of:

  • Estimation Principles
  • Function Point (FP) Counting
  • Guidelines, hints, and examples to understand FP Counting
  • Case study on use of FP in software estimation
  • Use and limitation of FP technique


  • Learn the fundamentals of Function Point (FP) Counting
  • Get guidelines, hints, and examples to understand FP Counting
  • Learn to communicate more effectively with the business user groups
  • Reduce overtime
  • Learn to establish an inventory of all transactions and files of a current project or application
  • Learn how to size software applications
  • Understand the unit cost of a software application or project and use it to compare tools, languages, platforms
  • quantitatively instead of subjectively
  • Understand the use of Function Point in software estimation through case studies
  • Learn the use and limitations of Function Point techniques

Who can attend?

The target audience for the program comprises professionals with minimum or no experience with regards to various phases of Software Development Life Cycles, who are preferably involved with any of the functions given below:

  • Business Analysts
  • Program Management
  • Quality Process Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Delivery, Pre Sales & Marketing
  • Requirements Engineering & Management


  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Software Estimation
  • Meaning and difficulties in estimation, different estimation techniques
  • Definition of terms & types of Counts
  • Overview of Function Point Analysis
  • Overview of Function Point Analysis
  • Objectives and benefits of Function Point Analysis
  • Function Point Counting procedures
  • Identify Counting Scope and Application Boundary
  • Definition of Counting Scope and Application Boundary
  • Counting Scope and Application Boundary rules and procedures
  • Hints to help identify Counting Scope and Application Boundary
  • Count Data Functions
  • Definitions: ILFs and EIFs
  • ILF/EIF Counting rules
  • ILF/EIF Counting procedures
  • Hints to help with Counting
  • ILF/EIF Counting examples
  • Exercises: Identifying ILF, EIF and calculating Unadjusted Data FP
  • Count Transactional Functions
  • Definitions: EIs, EOs and EQs
    EI/EO/EQ Counting rules
  • EI, EO and EQ Counting procedures
  • Hints to help with Counting EIs, Eos and EQs
  • Elementary process identification examples
  • EI/EO/EQ Counting examples
  • EI Counting examples
  • EO Counting examples
  • EQ Counting examples

Determine Value Adjustment Factor

  • Value Adjustment Factor determination
  • General system characteristics
  • Degrees of influence
  • Guidelines to determine the degree of influence

Calculate Adjusted Function Point Count

  • Review of steps for Function Point Analysis
  • Development Project Function Point Calculation

Enhancement Project Function Point Calculation

  • Calculating Enhancement FP
  • Understanding EFP: EI
  • Understanding EFP: EO
  • Understanding EFP: EQ
  • Understanding EFP: ILF

Estimating Effort & Size

  • Effort Estimation from Size
  • Work Break Down Structure
  • Wide Band Delphi Method
  • Case Study (Continuation): Calculating Effort & Size