QNX For Embedded Developers.

Course Overview:

This course is designed to provide hardware and software engineers new to Real time operating system. The RTOS is designed with a case study of using QNX  which, is a very dominant RTOS. It can also be useful to Management staff that requires a basic understanding or evaluation of RTOS technology that gives a case study of QNX.

Duration: 3 days 

Course Objective:

  • To provide RTOS concepts in details?. To provide hands on experience in programming with QNX . To test applications on QNX

Delegates will learn:

  • Using Tornado environment, focusing on the most commonly used areas. Program QNX applications and API?. Understand RTOS concepts and apply most of them with experiments

Course Material:

  • Online and Soft References

 Who Should Attend:

  • Software engineers who would be developing applications using RTOS in any development environment


  • Good C programming knowledge is required
  • Basics of Embedded System and OS concept is helpful but not mandatory


QNX Neutrino Architecture:

  • Overview
  • The Microkernel
  • The Process Manager
  • Scheduling
  • SMP
  • Resource Managers
  • System Library
  • Shared Objects
  • Photon

Processes, Threads & Synchronization:

  • Threads and Processes
  • Process Creation
  • Detecting Process Termination
  • Thread Creation
  • Detecting Thread Termination
  • Thread Operations
  • Synchronization

Inter-process Communication:

  • Native QNX Neutrino Messaging


  • Pulses
  • Signals
  • Event Delivery
  • Shared Memory
  • Pipes & POSIX Msg Queues
  • POSIX fd/fp Based Functions


  • Timing Architecture
  • Getting and Setting the System Clock
  • Timers
  • Kernel Timeouts


  • Concepts
  • IPC from ISR
  • Handler Architecture


  • Memory Mapping
  • Port I/O
  • DMA
  • PCI

Introduction to Resource Managers:

  • Overview
  • A Simple Resource Manager

Day – 3

  • Device Specific and Per-Open Data
  • Out-of-Band/Control Messages
  • Explaining about the Resource Manager (Driver Framework) taking QNX BSP as a reference

Embedding QNX:

  • Characteristics of Embedded systems
  • Building a Boot Image
  • Images & Build files
  • File Systems
  • QNX BSP Overview
  • Loading
  • IPL Process
  • Start-up Process
  • Porting QNX on to Target

QNX IDE Features:

  • IDE basics
  • Managing C/C++ projects
  • Editing and Compiling
  • Running and Debugging


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