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Nirmally Mukherjee

Nirmallya M.


Nirmallya, is a technocrat with huge experience of IT and ace at Cloud Technologies and works as a Sr. Cloud Architect and Consultant at eAge Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd.


  • 24+ years in IT Computer Engineering
  • EPBM IIMC India Certified
  • Cassandra Developer & Administrator
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate.
  • 100+ Classroom sessions, 1460+ Participants, 2250+ hours of delivery


Nirmallya, is a technocrat with huge experience of IT and ace at Cloud Technologies and works as a Sr. Cloud Architect and Consultant at eAge Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd.

He is leading teams at various organization to build products or manage services leveraging varied technologies while having appreciation for functions such as Pricing, Finance, Legal and Operations Management.

Architecture definition, Consulting & Product Road Map
Corporate technical training / mentoring & Organization building
Hands-on experience in cloud solutions and open source technologies (Java)

About Clientele:
“We cannot be good at something unless we like it and have fun doing it”
The approach he takes while conducting training sessions is to get the participants excited about the technology. He likes to consider himself as an “Entertainer”

  • 100+ Classroom sessions, 1460+ participants, 2250+ hours of delivery

Partial list of clients

  • Cisco (India & China)
  • Walmart Labs
  • Akamai
  • Sapient (Global, Nitro)
  • Intuit
  • BlackRock
  • [24]7
  • JRTech
  • Fidelity
  • Gemalto
  • Kronos
  • Ellucian
  • TradeStone
  • Mastek
  • HERE Solutions
  • Amadeus
  • Societe Generale MindTree
  • Sears IT
  • Sony
  • EMC2

Training Topics:

The training subjects offered worldwide are;
“Cassandra” architecture, modelling, administration and installation.
References to Cassandra source code will augment in-depth understanding.
Developer track includes building a web application using Tomcat with Cassandra.
“Cloud Computing Essentials” cloud is not the same as AWS / Google / Azure.
Understand the various dimensions of cloud architecture, design, integration, costing and pricing models, adoption strategies and micro services. Get a broad perspective of AWS, Google, Azure and Docker.
“Cloud with AWS” is designed to give the participants a deep understanding of AWS from the perspective of an architect, designer and developer with elements of operations.
“Cloud with Google” is designed to give the participants a good understanding of GCE, GAE, GKE along with networking, storage and operations.


“Docker” the session will cover various aspects of Docker and the eco system-registry, machine, compose along with getting an exposure of the various container services from cloud providers.
“Microservices” is the contemporary approach to build an elastic & resilient architecture that allow the application tier to scale horizontally. The sessions will cover aspects of building and deploying an application to the cloud with discussions on migrating legacy applications.

More details about earlier experience and references regarding various projects & solutions.

Founder at SkroidsLab Technologies
Director and Chief Architect in Dell Services India
Principal architect and Head of Solution Engineering in Infosys
Architect in Ciber / Aris Consulting
Developer Trilogy / Akshay Technologies