Which programming language should I learn now to earn a lot of money in 2019?


While 2019 surges forth upon us, knowing which programming language is most sought after is indeed what any job aspirant would be keen on learning.

Forecasts in IT are not exactly an easy proposition especially given the volatile nature of businesses and industries that depend on IT products and services.

Let us begin by adding the usual suspects we believe (given their huge dependency) should continue to march ahead in 2019 as the top dogs.

C and C++:

C and C++ are amazing because these are evergreen.

Given the large scale of applications you can write using C++ makes it highly desirable. Also, the fact that they are low level languages makes them more elusive to learn and master. This means there will always be a higher demand for seasoned C/C++ engineers.

Higher level languages:

Among higher level languages you have two who have become the most adopted and hence most likely to continue as the norm.

Java and Python are safe bets to make in terms of high level programming in the coming years and you will find a lot aspirants also learning Python and Java.

Below is the snapshot of last two years forecast. You can always reach out to TIOBE – The Software Quality Company to see how programming languages are indexed.

Mentoring and guidance:

Industry insight is hard to come by, especially for programmers. Given the volatile nature of IT as an industry, it is vital for programmers to seek mentors who can provide guidance. Find accomplished professionals in your industry, strike up a conversation and be candid about your interest. Mentoring is a responsibility for the mentor too and you would face some rejections. Persistence though will pay off with a mentor who thoroughly understands you and recommends what is best for your career.

Finding Good learning Platforms and forums:

Also, find good learning platforms like our own Online courses and certifications in technology and technology oriented communities like Stack Overflow – Where Developers Learn, Share, & Build Careers to ensure a structured learning curve to learn these skill sets and build your network.

The importance of these learning platforms and forums is to ensure that the learning and networking happens in a structured and focused manner. Choosing technology driven, focused and specific players makes all the difference given the huge value addition they do to the learning process and more importantly implementation.

Personally, I feel dependencies and the intricacies of certain languages make them indispensable. These languages will always be in the reckoning and learning or mastering them should land you immediate career opportunities.

Hence relevance of a programmer and the language he is adept in comes from the dependencies industries have developed and their reception towards change. Would it be fair to term this a factual process? A question to ponder…

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