How to choose the eLearning platform that is right for you


eLearning has successfully disrupted the learning industry. Given the plethora of online course content delivery methods and virtual tools, the need to attend a physical classroom has become far lesser a necessity.

Here are five pointers to follow for choosing the platform best suited to your learning goals:

Topic Research:

eLearning companies are always creating content and trying hard to market their flagship courses to the general public. So using reverse engineering you can filter out the best courses out there and the way others like you search for them. The tool I suggest for this is Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest. This is a cool tool to research topics and keywords and then in turn use for your search. Just type in your course of interest and Ubersuggest will let you know how many times it was searched and which other search options may be a good bet. Another great feature is the SERP results which tells which websites got the maximum traffic for your keywords. This is an awesome way to research any topic of interest. link :

Counseling calls/mentoring:

When you are serious about your course you will usually be leveraging it for your dream job/ career. In such a case gaining the right counsel may go a long way. Finding industry experts who advice and guide you in achieving your expectations/goals is very important. Companies like eAge Technologies ( ) offer free counseling sessions to bridge this gap and have dedicated consultants for this process. Another great source is LinkedIn career advice. This is a great way to find industry professionals that can guide you and recommend learning options that will help you traverse your learning curve quickly.

Educating yourself on ILT and Self Paced learning:

eLearning is not simply loading prerecorded videos and taking notes while it plays. There is also a structured, lesser known instructor driven format. Knowing which format suits your end goal best is vital. To help out here and to save you hours of research and perusing through the internet, I have written an article explaining the pros and cons of both, read it at your leisure. link:

Ask a question:

The best way to seek advice and to gain insight is through forums. Question answer forums like Quora are wonderful places to gain honest feedback on courses from those who have taken them. Try to find the right forum/discussion thread and you get a lot of insight free of cost. Another great area is the linkedin content search, where you can easily find keyword specific content on the go, a great hack!

Reputation matters:

As far as post course completion resources go, the most important one is the certificate of completion. Here the biggest concern is how effective it is on your resume and how the industry perceives it. Finding companies that have a large B2b presence and have been training companies/corporate you love to work at plays a huge role as far as certifications are concerned. A Course completion certificate from an online learning platform like Udemy, coursera etc. would hence be of little value as compared to a proven B2b player like eAge technologies.

These are five short pointers to use the next time you plan on purchasing an elearning course. Choose the right course as the effort, time and money you spend on it matters a great deal in the long run.

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