Top 5 niche eLearning Platforms you should definitely try in 2019


Udemy, Coursera, Udacity are all household names that lie on the top of everyone’s mind. Given their advertising muscle and large digital traffic, these websites have become synonymous with learning.

While we deliberate over the best platform at the right price point to learn, there exists a small yet niche group of companies that continue to impart training in their own unique way.

While some care for the attention, others simply are unaware of how to gain it. Either ways, these are some of the best eLearning platforms that you need to check out in 2019:

Digital Vidya( :

Brevity is the soul of wit and digital vidya really believes in it. An eLearning company based on data science and digital marketing, they have stuck to their guns and deliver the best possible training programs in both. Over the last 9 years, they have built industry relevance and credibility that extends to their certificates and in turn your CV. With an instructor driven model and corporate options, they are a serious and focused player in the eLearning industry who have a no nonsense approach to their delivery.

eAge Technologies ( :

Technology courses have been the most in demand and yet largely under delivering on their promise. Given the need to apply your knowledge hands on and as majority who take these are looking to land a job/ kickstart their careers, these courses never manage to deliver on their promise. eAge steps in here as a proven and able eLearning platform. With their instructor led training and reputation as a premium B2b training company their courses are delivered and curated to suit the industry and their certificates hold a lot of credibility in IT as an industry.

Center for Financial Training ( :

A pretty well known eLearning option in their community of enthusiasts. Their distance learning program and online training modules are as effective as their offline models. Like many in this list these are instructor driven and extremely immersive in nature. Do check them out if you are looking for a course in accounting or finance.

America’s test kitchen: Online cooking school (

This suggestion may seem niche but then again these guys are unique too! Culinary courses from the guys who host America’s test kitchen, these courses are top notch and delivered instructor led making for an immersive and enlightening experience. Their certifications also are well credited and can be valuable especially for those seeking opportunities in the culinary sciences.

And for everything else…there is Masterclass (

Well, this is a controversial recommendation given how popular masterclass is to many. But then again given that udemy attracts 40 times the traffic it does (data courtesy similar web), masterclass deserves a mention. Masterclass is a one stop to learn (or rather gain an overview) on a multitude of topics from the best in the business. Its not everyday that Gordon Ramsey teaches you how to cook, Dan Brown tutors you on the craft of writing or Stephen Curry coaches you on basketball. Subscribe to them and learn what actually makes the best in the industry tick.

This completes a list of eLearning options you definitely should give a try. Slightly off the beaten track or considered premium and niche; these companies have found their target segment of customers who swear by them and give them rave reviews.

There are many more that did not make this list but then again I wanted to provide one that catered across interests and topics.

Make 2019 a year of learning and let those resolutions deliver!


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