Deep Learning | Beginner to Intermediate

Deep learning1

Course duration: 24 hours real time session + 10 hours monitored hands-on

Batches Available: Weekend and Weekday Batches available

Ideal For: The course is ideal for beginners and intermediate level developers.

Post course benefits: Lifetime access to online repository, Mock interview support, Project support

Recruitment support: eAgeIT will propose candidates of this program for any open opportunities with its client portfolio. We do not guarantee placement. This will be purely merit based support.


  • Knowledge on python programming is appreciated
  • Knowledge on Basics of image processing
  • Note 1: Pre-requisites are strictly to be considered for the smooth maneuver of the workshop
  • Note 2: Case studies will be covered in much detail and will be implemented in real time.

Detailed Coverage:

  1. Session
    • What does artificial intelligence really mean?
    • Environment Setup for Tensorflow-keras
  2. Session
    • Computer vision basics
    • Feature Extraction Techniques and primer
  3. Session
    • Machine learning Algorithms and primer
    • Why Deep learning is becoming so popular?
    • Introduction to Deep Neural Networks
    • Sneak peek into open source python libraries
  4. Session
    • The perception Algorithm
    • Multi-layer Network
    • Develop your first neural network using keras
    • Diving deep in to Convolution Neural Network – CNN Primer
    • It is all about dataset!! And How to gather them
  5. Session
    • Training your own CNN (Shallow network) for Mnist Dataset
    • Training a Very deep CNN for Mnist Dataset
    • Object Detection using CNN for CIFAR 10 dataset
  6. Session
    • Improving Model Performance with Image Augmentation
    • Creating own Dataset using image augmentation.
    • Using CNN for your Custom Dataset
  7. Session
    • State of the art ImageNet algorithm
    • Transfer Learning
      • VGG16
      • VGG19
      • Inception-v3
      • ResNet
  8. Session
    • Case Study 1 – Emotion Detection
    • Case Study 2 – Age and gender Detection
    • Case Study 3 – Car Model Identification

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Time: 3 days

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  • Rajendra

    Great course! Very well presented and explained!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the class and it has motivated me to pivot my career into deep learning. I would recommend this class to anyone who is passionate about deep learning but don't know where to begin. It is also great for anyone who has worked with some but not all of the deep learning techniques.
  • Mallikarjun

    In-depth coverage, but described in a way that is great for beginners

    I would definitely say that now I understand enough about the Python ecosystem that I could start learning on my own if I wanted.
  • Divya R

    Great teaching! You made deep learning so simple and easy to learn.

    I found the instructors to be not only incredibly knowledgeable, but approachable, thoughtful teachers.

Customized, Immersive, Hands-On Driven

INR 30000/-

INR 14999/-


  • Real time virtual classes
  • Pre course reading material
  • Suppliment resources
  • Language: English
  • Certificate of completion

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Your Dream Course Is Only A Step Away

Your Dream Course Is Only A Step Away