Show-case from our Product lane

e-Secured token from eAGE is asmart card integrated with storage device, which can be used on any PC. E-Secured offers the reliability, easy interface and solid security.  x Read more >>

MSI Application for Tablet PC: A MSI Application that adds additional utility applications on ARM9 based Tablet PC like notepads, calnder, calculator, voice search, and several other utilities.  x Read more >>

Porting Linux on PPC: Customization of Linux on MPC 405 that has OEM specific driver integration. Its build with FPGA with gpio drivers for several sensors integration x Read more >>

  Industrial Automation: The project involved design and implementation of drivers for a Hitachi H8 based Water Heater. This uses embedded c/c++ based custon kernel for time and byte effectiveness.   x Read more >>

BSP on PXA255: The project involved design and implementation of of Board Support Packages for a XSCALE PXA 255 Linux based PDA . It has a tslib extension for the UI framework.
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  eXchange a Google App from eAGE The Currency Converter Android App by eAGE Technology is a currency converter that has no frills. e-Xchange is well designed and does exactly what it is supposed to. The interface is simple, you have the one currency you are using and then the one currency in which you are converting too.

Android app on Google Play

EAGE CRM Tool EAGE CRM TOOL is based on open source software that is useful in any business. It allows you to organize customer data and helps with managing tasks, meetings and other activities. It can be easily extended with multiple functionalities like Customizable dashboard with applets, Companies - address book of companies, Contacts, address book of individuals, Shared Calendar with alerts, Shared Task List - To Do, Phone Calls Log, Notes and and others!.   Asset Tracking System – ATS from eAGE is a remote asset tracking software that allows you to get entire dashboard view with your asset view, reports, mailing, ticketing, and any entire information as a web application. Our ATS software currently is used in telecommunication based infra, sites, where our easy-to-use interface, provides analytical data on OPEX management. We can customize the solution to a clients need on different verticals as well.




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