What are some good courses to learn C language starting from basics to an expert level?


C Language being a lower level language with an emphasis on machine interaction, its use is usually in direct interaction.

Given its importance in creating platforms on which applications are built, C finds its relevance across IT and has a huge role in any industry employing technology.

Being such a fundamental and evergreen tool has made C industry agnostic and hence has ended up with a multitude of applications and invariably numerous opportunities.

Deciding on an Industry:

If you are planning on learning C the language, you need to get first decide on what industry you plan on entering.

For example, embedded systems use Embedded C and you will be groomed into handling the software side of embedded systems which in itself has numerous applications across industries.

Join Forums:

Forums today are an extension of group interactions and hubs for brainstorming. Finding professionals similar to you makes all the difference and accelerates your learning curve. Online communities like Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters , Stack Overflow – Where Developers Learn, Share, & Build Careers , Embedded are all present to foster programmers and provide the platform for healthy discussion and productive insights. 

Find a Mentor:

Finding a mentor is no longer difficult. Given LinkedIn, communities and forum has helped mentoring to develop into a more accessible endeavour.

A mentor need not be someone who is the best in your field. Even professionals on the functional side can guide and motivate.

Ensure your mentor is from the same industry you are interested in and has a very good handle on technologies and particularly about C language and its role. You will be pleasantly surprised how many Non IT professionals are aware and appreciate C and its importance to their industry.

Get Trained in a structured environment:

By this time you’ll have a very clear idea on what kind of a skill set you desire and what kind of training will benefit you the most.

Now for the training part.

C programming is a hands on language. Any training program/online course you take should be focusing on implementation and application rather than bland theory.

Also if you are looking at entry level jobs, then importance of a credible certificate post course completion will help your resume stand out during screening process for companies.

eAge’s virtual classrooms are designed for serious professionals seeking to make a career in their area of interest. With rigorous and immersive course content delivered with a lot of emphasis on Hands on, it has evolved into a go to program for IT training.

On an end note…

Take your time and decide on your course/training program and ensure it aligns with your end goal and result. Never compromise on these areas as they alone serve as takeaways from any training program out there!

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